POLISS Project Monitoring & Evaluation

This questionnaire is part of the POLISS evaluation and quality assurance process. We aim to create an open environment where all POLISS members feel safe to provide feedback and suggestions at all times. In addition, all ESRs will be asked to provide feedback using different forms, with the aim of monitoring our activities and support & to make changes where needed. We will use the following forms:

Project Evaluation QuestionnaireAfter Summer Schools (annually)Online
POLISS Schools QuestionnaireAfter each Summer / Winter School (bi-annually)Online
Supervision Secondment HostsAfter each SecondmentOn paper (surfdrive)

The responses to these surveys will be anonymous and will be kept confidential.

POLISS School Evaluation

Training School Pécs (29 Aug – 8 Sep 2022)

The responses to these surveys will be anonymous and will be kept confidential.

The main training objective of the POLISS Network is:
to train a new generation of experts in regional development and innovation policy, explicitly linking research with policy practices related to RIS3 actions

 The main scientific objective of the POLISS Network is:
to contribute to a more effective design, implementation and evaluation of RIS3 actions in EU regions, by providing new systematic evidence and methodological tools for designing, implementing and assessing RIS3 actions in EU regions.

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    1. Global assessment (Training School)

    Tick the relevant boxes to indicate your response.

    Overall appreciation*

    Match with POLISS objectives*

    Relevance for my research topic *

    Relevance for my professional skills development *

    Relevance for my skills of engagement (networking, dissemination, impact) *

    Additional comments to the global assessment

    2. Quality of the Training
    Preparatory readings / instructions *

    Transferable skills:

    Policy Briefs, introduction *

    Text Mining *

    Scientific Paper Writing *

    Qualitative Methods *

    Cooperative Workshop*

    Knowledge, Research and Policy

    Research presentations (ESRs)*

    Evaluation and monitoring of Smart Specialisation Policies *

    The GMR model framework in Policy Impact Evaluation *

    Entrepreneurship ecosystem, smart specialization and entrepreneurial discoveries *

    Organising role of cummunities in the local economy (Chamber of Commerce) *

    Network and knowledge flows in shaping regional economic development *

    Additional comments to the content relevance

    3. Host / organiser
    Overall appreciation *

    Pre-course information *

    Facilities *

    Accommodation *

    Meals *

    Social programme *

    Additional comments about the role of the host

    What were the most successful/valuable/positive aspects of the Summer School in your opinion?

    What aspects of the training could be improved?

    What skills would you say that you have developed during this Summer School?

    What skills or knowledge gaps would you like to see addressed in the next POLISS School?

    Any other comments