Martina Pardy

POLISS research theme

Globalisation, FDI and Regional Structural Change

Host institution

London School of Economics and Political Science

Secondment institutions

Utrecht University

Supervisory team


Martina holds an MSc in Economics and a BSc in Economics and Social Sciences from the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), and a BA in International Business Administration and Chinese from WU and the University of Vienna. During that period, she spent an exchange semester at Tsinghua University in Beijing and attended an econometrics summer school at the LSE.

Before joining POLISS and the LSE in September 2020, she worked as a Teaching and Research Associate at the Department of Economics at WU, where she conducted research in the field of regional inequality, globalisation and migration. Furthermore, Martina has worked as a consultant for sustainable development at the Asian Development Bank and completed a research project on gender inequality for the United Nations Development Programme.


My research is centered around the distributional impact of economic globalisation and explores how it affects different dimensions of regional labour market, income, and innovation inequality.

Current Research Question

How do Multinational Enterprises affect intra-regional innovation concentration within US states?

Data & Methods

I will use patent data from the United States Patent and Trademark Office as well as firm data from the Business Dynamics Statistics from the US Census Bureau. Method: quantitative

Societal interests

This research will provide suggestions to policy makers how the economic gains of globalisation can be more equally distributed and how the costs for some groups can be mitigated.



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