Katalin Erdos

Roles in the POLISS project:

Co-Supervisor Secondment institution


University of Pécs


Katalin Erdős graduated in 2005 at the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Pécs (FBE UP), her specialization programme was Regional Policy of EU and Hungary, and she also holds a degree in economics from the FernUniversität in Hagen. In 2014 she earned a PhD in Economics at the Doctoral School of Regional Policy and Economics at the FBE UP. Besides summer school, conference and workshop participations, her abroad experiences include visits at the UNC-Chapel Hill; at the LSE; and at the Bocconi University. Currently she is assistant professor at the FBE UP a research fellow at the MTA-PTE Innovation and Economic Growth Research Group. Her teaching areas include Microeconomics, Environmental economics, Innovation and innovation management. Her field of research includes regional economic development impact of universities, innovation, environmental and sustainability issues. She is a member of the Hungarian Regional Science Association, the Working Committee for Spatial- and Settlement Sciences of the Pécs Academic Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and the Triple-Helix Association.

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