Dongmiao Zhang

POLISS research theme

Digitalization and Regional Resilience in the EU

Host institution

Utrecht University

Secondment institutions

Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
Utrecht Economic Board

Supervisory team


Dongmiao Zhang is a PhD candidate in economic geography in Utrecht University. She holds a Master in Public Administration degree from London School of Economics and Political Science specialising in Public and Economic Policy. Before joining Utrecht, she worked with academia and international organisations on digitalisation, climate change, and gender equality.


My project investigates the impact of technological change on inter/intra-regional inequality, as well as regional resilience, with a focus on the labour market.

Current Research Question

The Creative Destruction of Artificial Intelligence: Evidence from U.S. Metropolitan Areas

Data & Methods

Data: O*NET, American Community Survey, USPTO Method: quantitative

Societal interests

I hope the research will inform policy-makers on the design and implementation of digital strategies in the EU



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