Tamás Sebestyén

Roles in the POLISS project:

Co-Supervisor ESR 12


University of Pécs


ESR 12


Tamás Sebestyén received a degree in economics at the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs in 2011. He defended his PhD thesis at tha same Faculty in 2011 which discussed the relationship between economic modelling and network theory. He worked as a lecturer at tha Faculty since 2007 and as assistant professor since 2011. Since 2012 he has been also working at tha MTA-PTE Innovation and Economics Growth Research Group as research fellow. He earned habilitation in 2017 and was appointed as research advisor in 2015. His research area is economic modelling – in addition to its mainstream side his is especially interested in some border areas like agent based modelling and network theory. He has publications in this field published in leading Hungarian and international scientific journals. He is also participant in several national and international research projects aiming at developing a regional policy impact model. He is teaching macroeconomics and international economics at the undergraduate level and simulation modelling and dynamic macroeconomic modelling at the graduate level.

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