Ștefan Apostol

POLISS research theme

Regional Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and Smart Specialisation

Host institution

University of Pécs

Secondment institutions

Utrecht University
Kontakt-Elektro Kft.

Supervisory team


Stefan has a Master’s Degree in Business Economics from the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, was engaged in various traineeships in industry and entrepreneurship fields. Interest in the topic of research, he got while working as an International Relations Officer, Assistant Project Manager within EU projects, and Consultant in Business Development.


Quantifying the entrepreneurial ecosystem and innovation capacity of EU regions. Connect the current ecosystem frameworks with specialization measurements. Examine firms' capability and question the process of economic catch-up of regions.

Current Research Question

Is there a distinction between innovative and imitative regions in terms of systemic factors and firm capabilities?

Data & Methods

Index calculation; Penalty for bottleneck method; Specialization indicators; Economic complexity;